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  • Jipusi creates a stronger $ more durable thread

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    The Polyester Filament Yarn wanted to come together this holiday season to support the incredible mission of the Christmas Cheer program and make an impact on those most in need. With each employee donating at least $10, the Service Thread team raised more than $700. The contributions allowed the team to purchase 36 coats, as well as several gloves, hats and toboggans that will be donated to the Christmas Cheer program for distribution to area children.

    Cord: When multiple “threads” are twisted together, they create “corded thread”. These are commonly described as 4-, 6-, and 9-ply thread. As you can imagine, a corded thread will be stronger and thicker. You commonly see this used in leather work, shoe-making, etc. Corespun Thread: This type of thread is composed of a “core” of continuous filament polyester that is wrapped with either cotton or polyester yarn, like a cocoon.

    These combined threads provide qualities from both fibers, with the outer fiber providing the finished “look”. For instance, a polyester core with wrapped cotton has the strength of polyester, but the finished look of soft cotton. This creates a stronger, more durable thread. You commonly see this type of thread used in the construction of Jeans.

    Ply: This is basically a strand of yarn. You’ll often see thread described as 2-, 3-, and 4-ply. The above image depicts a 3-ply thread.

    Twist Direction: The direction the thread is spun defines its twist. It can either be twisted in a ‘Z’ direction (left twist) or an ‘S’ direction (right twist). A ‘Z’ twist is suitable for single needle sewing machines. An ‘S’ twist thread isn’t commonly used in home sewing machines.

    Such cable requires a central strength member that is typically made of braided steel wire. In aerial installations where metal-free cable is required, strength members are typically created using the Polyester Yarn such as SAP treated swellable aramid yarns.