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THIS IS *NOT* AN ENDORSEMENT BY THE U.S. ARMY I'm demonstrating the weather sealing and dust resistance offered by PENTAX's bodies and lenses ( and top offerings while deployed in Afghanistan by covering them in sand, small rocks, and dust, and then rinsing them off in the shower. PENTAX K-7 + DA* 50-135 f/2.8 PENTAX K-5 + D-BG4 Battery Grip + DA* 16-50 f/2.8 Video recorded with the PENTAX WG-2 @ 640x30p. For those that are curious regarding pricing, as of 25 December 2012, the PENTAX K-7 can be had for $450 used (as it is discontinued), the PENTAX K-5 for $700, the DA* 16-50 for $799, the DA* 50-135 for $850, and the Battery grip for $185. No Nikon or Canon offerings are as affordable for a fully weather sealed system with professional grade quality. Also, the PENTAX kit will be much smaller and more compact. The since released Pentax K-30 ($650) and Pentax K-5 II ($1099) and K-5 IIs ($1239) can all be used in place of the K-5 and K-7 bodies shown in this video as they all also exude Pentax's outstanding weather sealing. I own the K-30 myself and can personally attest to it's weather sealing. For those that are curious, here is my series of deployment updates: That is the latest one (published 29 December 12), and all previous ones can be accessed from there as well.
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